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Shelley Blair

Shelley Blair

Co-Founder & Head Coach for Special Olympics, Te Awamutu

Service Manager at Enrich+ which is a disability service


My goal is to empower people with disabilities to be able to be active participants in sports of their choice, while also raising awareness about disability within the community.

A Bit About Shelley

Shelley Blair is the Service Manager for Enrich+ in Te Awamutu, and the Head Coach and Co-Founder of the Special Olympics Te Awamutu. Her commitment to her clients, and to mentoring and leading her team of 25 athletes, is truly inspiring. 


Through her Special Olympics work, Shelley has created a safe and welcoming space for athletes with disabilities, enabling them to compete locally and represent their country at international events. She builds relationships and offers opportunities for personal growth, and her athletes gain confidence in and outside the pool. Many of them have volunteered for public speaking roles and been nominated for Athlete Leadership Awards, raising the profile of athletes with disabilities.   


Building community awareness is also very important to Shelley. Her many volunteers and supporters have learned a new awareness and respect for Special Olympic athletes. From fundraising events to securing sponsorships and creating awareness through local media, Shelley has built a strong foundation for the Special Olympic movement in Te Awamutu. 


As a true leader, Shelley sets an example through relationship-building and mentorship, transforming lives, inspiring others to join her cause, and making a profound impact on the Waikato community. 


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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