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Lanita Ririnui

Lanita Ririnui

Executive Director of Ngā Aho Whakaari - Māori in Screen.


My goal is to empower the X-factor of our people, to be audacious ancestors and celebrate our voices to the world. Hautipua! Ki Tua!

A Bit About Lanita

Lanita Ririnui is the Executive Director at Ngā Aho Whakaari - Māori in Screen. She is a creative whose goal is to empower people by telling their stories in exciting and invigorating new ways. Storytelling is a powerful way to lead transformational change in the world, and Lanita has been part of this change in her own career. She began as a young brown woman in a male-dominated industry and acknowledges exceptional advocates that created opportunities for her. Her family values helped her to survive and thrive and she wants to hand on this legacy by supporting others in return. 


Poipoiā ki te ao! Ki Tua!


She says the natural navigation skills from her Maaori heritage together with the innovative let’s do it attitude of Aotearoa culture are a potent and powerful mix. It’s our Pacific magic: indigenous creativity and flexibility in the face of a changing environment to ignite the world. Teamwork is everything, and the best leaders take others with them, inspiring others to follow through their own example. In her work she asks herself, what are you doing today to be the best ancestor for tomorrow? 


Her creative work, leadership and support are helping to create powerful change, leaving a legacy for generations to come.


Haumaru. Hauora. Hautipua!


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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