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Katherine Winitana

Katherine Winitana

Opera Singer


Dame Malvina Major Foundation Studio Artist with NZ Opera for 2021


As an artist, my ultimate goal is to weave together my Maaori heritage with my music and compositions.

A Bit About Katherine

Katherine is an Opera Singer who is achieving significant success in the Waikato. During her post-graduate gap year she worked for Project Prima Volta, a youth initiative group that uses the power of music to bring kids together, and this experience sparked her interest in opera. 


She was accepted for the post-graduate programme in opera at the University of Waikato, and then joined the New Zealand Opera's young artist programme and studied for two years with Dame Malvina Major. She is currently enrolled in the master's programme. 


Katherine's ultimate goal is to weave together composition, music, and her Maaori heritage. She plans to take a full Maaori immersion course and make her language accessible to her family and others. She wants everyone to experience the joy of singing, and she would like to help make opera a more open and welcoming art form.  


Katherine's humility, dedication and commitment to her craft sets a positive example to other aspiring singers. She will continue to work with students and give back some of what she has been given. Through her work and leadership, Katherine aims to create a more inclusive and diverse opera community that values the power of voice and creativity.


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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