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Dr. Amy Marfell

Dr. Amy Marfell

General Manager Regional Leadership at Sport Waikato


My goal in sport and physical activity has always been to remove barriers so that people who want to access sport and physical activity can do so in the way that they want to.

A Bit About Amy

As General Manager, Regional Leadership at Sport Waikato, Amy Marfell is a game-changer and strategic leader in play, active recreation and sport.


At university, Amy realised sports were not on an equal playing field for all, so she found her purpose leading movements to inspire an equitable sport culture throughout Waikato and beyond. In the early stages of her career, she focused on equitable sports for women and girls, spearheading initiatives like This is ME®, to empower women to participate in sports at times and in spaces that suited their unique lifestyles. The campaign encourages women to have fun and find comfort in getting sweaty in inclusive and supportive sporting environments. Simultaneously, she worked alongside sport and physical activity providers to help them better understand how to effectively deliver physical activity to women and girls.


Amy’s passion has extended to other groups that are often marginalised in sports or have inequitable access to participate in ways that work for them. She aims to provide people with opportunities to join and lead sporting activities of all kinds.  


Through her work, Amy, alongside her team, collaborates with partners in all sectors of education, health, sport and recreation as well as local authorities. She also works in volunteer governance roles for sporting organisations, making sure that women are enabled to lead, and that their voices are heard and their needs are met.  

Amy’s commitment to equitable and inclusive sports has significantly impacted the Waikato sporting environment.


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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