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Ashleigh Ngow

Ashleigh Ngow

Graduate Policy Advisor


My goal is to help people connect with, appreciate and live in harmony with the environment.

A Bit About Ashleigh

Ashleigh Ngow is a driven and passionate advocate for the environment who works as a Graduate Policy Advisor at the Waikato Regional Council. Born in Hong Kong to a Malaysian Chinese father and a pākehā mother, Ashleigh grew up in Maketū, Bay of Plenty.  


Ashleigh's ultimate goal is to advocate for increased environmental awareness, helping people to reconnect with, appreciate, and care for the natural world. She began by leading volunteer-based sustainability projects at university. It was there she realised that creating a fun and supportive community was one key to making long-lasting change.  She also supported other students, especially women and girls, in their project work, guiding them towards careers in environmental planning and policy. 


Ashleigh's influence extends beyond her professional life. As the captain of her football team, she fosters growth and unity within the club as well as competitive success.  


Through her work and involvement with organisations like Go Eco (the Waikato Environment Centre), Ashleigh advocates for environmental policies that are people-centred, ambitious, realistic and attainable. She understands the importance of systemic change, and believes that everyone's voices and perspectives should be heard in order to achieve a sustainable future.


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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