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Anjum Rahman

Anjum Rahman

Project Co-Lead of Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono, hosted by Shama Ethnic Women's Trust


My goal is to create a society where everyone is free to express who they are.

A Bit About Anjum

Anjum Rahman has dedicated her life to being a social disruptor, challenging mainstream assumptions and promoting inclusivity. She is a powerful and respected social activist, based in the Waikato, working on national and international committees to combat discrimination. She says that leaders need to recognise their shared humanity with those they serve, to take their teams with them, and to acknowledge that they stand and fall by the support they receive.  


Anjum began her activist career advocating for women's rights, and fighting for adequate women's spaces in the mosque. She played a key role in setting up Shama Ethnic Women's Trust, a social service organisation, which supports ethnic minority women, and continues to be a role model, encouraging young Muslim women to have an active voice both inside their communities and in the political arena.  


After the Christchurch terrorist attacks, she became Co-Chair of the Christchurch Call Advisory Network, collaborating to make the online environment a safer space for everyone. Changing social media messaging is vital, but she says that it is also important for local media to focus on the kindness and generosity that surrounds us.  


Anjum’s career is an inspiring example of the power of good leadership, for women, the Muslim community, and all New Zealanders. 


Girls with Goals honours all Waikato waahine, from all backgrounds, who have contributed to our local community.

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